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US History

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The new 6th edition is authored by Tom Barnes (co- author with Gordon Utz of the 5th edition). The 6th edition features a revision and reorganization of the Review Material from the 5th edition. The book contains approximately 640 pages of material and includes 4 complete and new, simulated sample AP exams. All the new exam questions correlate with the College Board's changed curriculum for the 2015 AP U.S. History Exam. The book contains 730 new, document-based multiple-choice questions, 16 short answer questions, 4 long essays, and 4 document-based questions (DBQ's).

The 34 chapters of the new 6th edition AP U.S. History book are:

  • Native Americans and European Exploration
  • European Colonization
  • Colonial Society and the British Empire
  • Revolutionary War
  • Confederation and Constitution
  • Federalist Era
  • Jeffersonianism
  • Jacksonian Era
  • Antebellum: Economic and Social
  • Reform Era and Abolitionism
  • Manifest Destiny and the Mexican War
  • Slavery
  • Events Leading to Civil War
  • Civil War and Reconstruction
  • Politics of the Gilded Age
  • Industrialization, Labor, Immigration, Urbanism
  • The Frontier West
  • Culture & Society
  • Imperialism
  • Reform Movements & Progressivism
  • World War I & 1920s Foreign Policy
  • The Roaring Twenties
  • Crash of 1929 & the Great Depression
  • FDR and the New Deal
  • Events Leading to WWII
  • WWII
  • Truman 40's & the Cold War
  • Eisenhower 50's and the Cold War
  • Civil Rights in the 50s, 60s, 70s
  • New Frontier & Great Society-the 60s
  • Vietnam War
  • Nixon to Carter-the 70's
  • Reagan 80's & Clinton 90's
  • 21st Century-Bubble & Bust Decade

Student answer keys for the multiple-choice questions are separately packaged. Each class order is accompanied by a FREE Teacher's Manual, which provides answers and extensive explanations for all the multiple-choice questions, sample answers for the short answer questions, suggested historical material to be included in the long essay, and extensive background material and document analysis for the DBQ questions.

The review units, which were new to the 5th edition, have been enhanced, expanded, and reorganized for quick reference to provide in-depth review for your students. About 245 documents were used to generate the 730 multiple-choice questions and 25% of the questions are by, or about, minorities and/or women. The 245 documents include: primary sources, secondary sources, historiography, political cartoons, maps, speeches, charts, graphs, poems, songs, posters, and visuals that require the student to use historical inquiry skills to discern the best answer. The new 6th edition gives your students the edge that they need to succeed on the new exam. Why not give your students the edge?


Tom Barnes is the author of the 6th edition of Multiple-Choice and Essay Questions with Review Material in Preparation for the AP United States History Examination. Tom is an AP and IB teacher emeritus from Laguna Hills High School, Laguna Hills, California. Along with Gordon Utz, Tom is the co-author of the 5th edition that has been called the "Green Book" by teachers and students using it. Tom is also the author of Casablanca Film Trivia: Here's Looking at You, Kid!


Here is what some of your colleagues had to say about our 5th edition AP U.S. History book:
"The AP United States History preparation books are great. The summaries for the units are detailed yet easy ito read and understand. The sample exams provide students with authentic opportunities for practice for the iAP exam, especially if they are timed. Thanks!"
Susan Reno / Skyline Center, Dallas, TX "Written by teachers with much experience."
Susan Clark / Lakeville North High School, Lakeville, MN "The book has new multiple-choice questions which challenged my students but maintained a level of 'fairness'."
Ed Morales / Wichita High School .orth, Wichita, KS "The outlines for each unit are extremely valuable for the review. Also, having 50 questions per unit makes each unit more thorough."
Robert W. LeRoy / Indian Land High School, Fort Mill, SC "Your books were excellent for our end of the year review sessions. We used the practice exams and the explanations of the answers."
Arthur W. Smith, Jr. / Parkland High School, Allentown, PA "My students loved the book. They said it helped their understanding of our textbook and it helped narrow their focus on themes."
Tom Alleman / Carbon High School, Price, UT


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