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Teaching AP Calculus

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Teaching AP Calculus is a summer institute in a book. Lin McMullin distills his many years of experience as an AB and BC calculus teacher, exam reader, table leader, and international consultant into a book to help new and experienced calculus teachers. The third edition is one-third longer than the previous edition and contains more insights, thoughts, hints, and ideas that you will not find in textbooks. References to actual AP Calculus exam questions help the reader understand how the concepts are actually tested. Whether this is your first year or your twenty-fifth, there is something here for you. New teachers will find a place to begin, and experienced AP teachers will find a wealth of new ideas.

Section I- The first section of Teaching AP Calculus is about what you should know to get started teaching an AP calculus course. It will tell you where to find resources. The Philosophy and Goals are explained. There is a chapter on finding and recruiting students, pacing and planning the year. A chapter is devoted to technology, especially the use of graphing calculators; this is an important part of the course. The last chapter in the section talks about the prerequisites and things students should know before they start AP calculus.

Section 2- The middle section of Teaching AP Calculus is the longest. In it all of the topics that should be included in the AB and BC courses are discussed: limits, derivatives and their applications, definite integrals and their applications, differential equations, and several additional topics that are tested on only the BC exam. These chapters present ideas about how to present the topics. The chapters include some classroom activities. The last chapter is concerned with the writing that students must do on the exams: how to justify and explain their answers. Margin references lead the reader to actual AP Calculus exam questions on all the important concepts.

Section 3- The last section of Teaching AP Calculus is about the AP exams. Here you will learn how the exams are made up and graded. You will learn how to read the scoring standards. The "type" questions on the exams are each are discussed in detail along with what your students should know about them. The final chapter is for you and especially your students. It has lots of information and hints on how to do well on the AP calculus exams.

Four appendices include additional information. An index is provided.


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The Author

Lin McMullin taught high school mathematics and AP calculus for 35 years. He has attended the AP calculus readings for 18 years. He has presented workshops and summer institutes for AP calculus teachers in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Lin served as the Director of Mathematics Programs for the National Math and Science Initiative helping to expand access to AP courses nationwide. He was one of the original authors for Agile Mind's online calculus and Algebra programs, and wrote ancillaries for several major textbooks. He contributed to D&S Marketing System's AB and BC calculus review books.
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