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Java Programming for Computer Science A

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We are pleased to announce the publication of a new 1st edition of JAVA PROGRAMMING FOR THE AP COMPUTER SCIENCE A EXAMINATION.

This Java Programming addition comes in response to the new College Board Course Framework for AP Computer Science A. This Framework specifies 10 computer science units and each unit is divided into a group of sub-topics. For each sub-topic a specific list of essential knowledge items are itemized. This Course Framework makes it very clear what will be tested and what should be taught for the AP Computer Science A course.

This new edition follows the Course Framework faithfully, using the exact same sequence of 10 units that are part of the new curriculum. Each unit is then divided in the same sub-topics. There are a few additional, optional topics that have been added. For instance, graphics programming is not part of the curriculum specified in the Course and Exam Description, but it is used with many examples to explain required topics. The nature of graphics programming logic helps tremendously to explain many concepts. For instance, graphics visually illustrates the results of running programs in topics about control structures, method design, encapsulation, 1D Arrays, 2D Arrays, composition, inheritance, polymorphism, and recursion.

The style used in this edition is to present students with many short Java program examples. Each program example focuses on a specific sub-topic. This sequence of short programs has proven to be an excellent teaching technique in presenting many complex topics in computer science both for in-class teaching and on-line courses. There are a large variety of Java programming books available. Many of these Java books present the full range of Java topics and Java features. This book is on Java programming, but it has a deliberate focus on the Java subset that matches the new Course Framework.


The author of these books is Leon Schram, an AP Computer Science teacher and former member of the AP Computer Science Test Development Committee. He has also been a reader for the AP Computer Science exam for 10 years, and a consultant at workshops since 1985.


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