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Calculus (AB)

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The 10th edition AP Calculus (AB) question book retains most of the questions from the 9th edition, with 40-45 new multiple-choice questions and several free response questions. This edition reflects the current AP Calculus Course Description and the most recent changes in AP format and notation.

The AP Calculus (AB) book has six sample exams consisting of 45 multiple-choice questions and 6 free-response questions in each sample exam. Section I Part A consists of 30 multiple-choice questions and does not allow the use of a calculator; and Section I Part B consists of 15 multiple-choice questions and requires a graphing calculator for some questions. Section II consists of 6 free response questions. Section II Part A consists of two free-response questions for which graphing calculators are required, and Section II Part B consists of four free-response questions for which graphing calculators are not allowed.

In addition, the book has workspace area for students to work out each problem (multiple-choice and free-response), an index which acts as a cross reference for all multiple-choice questions, and a separate Answer Key for the multiple-choice and free-response section of each sample exam.

Also available for your students is a STUDENT'S SOLUTIONS MANUAL TO ACCOMPANY MULTIPLE-CHOICE AND FREE-RESPONSE QUESTIONS IN PREPARATION FOR THE AP CALCULUS (AB) EXAMINATION (10th edition). It provides a step-by-step solution for each problem (multiple-choice and free-response) in the question book. In many cases, the incorrect answers are also examined, so your students can learn to avoid common pitfalls.

Thousands of high schools throughout the country who are using our books find that they make a significant impact on student test scores.


Here is what some of your colleagues had to say about our previous editions of the AP Calculus (AB) book:
"The materials are of excellent quality."
Susan Heintz / St. Gregory College Preparatory School, Tucson, AZ "Excellent simulation of the actual AP exam!"
Dr. Susan Smith / East Meadow HS, East Meadow, NY "The AP preparation books provide students with excellent practice in every area of the subject they are studying."
Laura Lake / Seminole HS, Seminole, FL "The multiple-choice and free-response question are an excellent indicator of the types of questions the student will see on the AP Calculus Exam."
Diane Benett / Louisville HS, Woodland Hills, CA "Your books are great and the secret to a successful AP Calculus program. Iíve used several editions of these materials and cannot say enough good things about them."
Cynthia M. Schimek / Katy School District, Katy, TX "The problems were an excellent source to prepare my students for the AP Calculus exam."
Kohnie K. Jensen / West Jordan HS, West Jordan, UT "These preparation books are an outstanding reflection of the changes in the kinds of AP Calculus AB questions expected on the new Calculus AP exam."
Joseph Leicht / Indian Hills HS, Oakland, NJ "I find your review books invaluable."
Dan Matthews / Camden HS, Camden, SC "Great problems covering all aspects of the exam."
Stan Hirsch / La Reina HS, Thousand Oaks, CA "The number of sample exams and quality of problems are great."
Jeremy Rheam / St. Vincent Pallotti HS, Laurel, MD "I definitely credit these books for my studentsí success."
Heather Shaffer / South Hunterdon Regional HS, Lambertville, NJ "These multiple-choice and free-response questions give my students the flavor of the genuine AP experience."
Maureen Keppard-Pedlow / Father Judge HS, Philadelphia, PA
Their students went into the AP Calculus exam both well prepared and at ease with the format. Now you can give YOUR students the same competitive edge. They will thank you for it.


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